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Discovering Music Carnival at UVM!

On Saturday, April 19th the Music Education Majors at UVM hosted a MUSIC CARNIVAL! People of all ages were invited to come take a lesson on any instrument you’d like, hear performances, and enter raffles to win music prizes!

 14 Folsom students and families came to UVM to learn and play! HOLY COW IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!


Lessons were taken by all sorts of family members! Ms. Kauffeld even got to take guitar (channeling Mr. McDermott,) upright bass (channeling Madame Bishop,) and Clarinet (while Katie and Max watched her and laughed at her squeaks.)

I want to thank the following musicians and their families for coming out!
Sam Button
Max Bumbeck
Charlotte Bumbeck
Katie O’Hara
Maddy Noel
Calvin Noel
Jack Tremble
Anika Siegfried
Ethan Heyn
Aurelia Wickenden
Sunny Wickenden
Ava Jensen
Hazel Valin
and Schuyler Valin

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By folsommusicians

Kindergarten through 8th grade general music, band, and chorus students!

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