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What’s the Scoop with band Lessons? AND-Holly and Ms. K play another Duet!

Instrumental lessons can come in many shapes and forms. The great thing is that small group sizes (or individual lessons in some cases) make it easier to tailor the lesson to exactly what the student needs. For our very new instrumentalists that have jumped right into Middle School Band, the lessons serve as a great way to build our skills, work through the Standard of Excellence book, AND get help with the tricky parts of the band music. For students who have been playing for a few years we’ve been having fun playing duets.

Especially with students in their second, third, or fourth year of playing an instrument, I would like for band music to be worked on at home, your job is to work through the tough stuff on your own, if you have specific questions, that’s where I come in. Otherwise, my job is to help you achieve beautiful tone, play with expression, and improve your technique. Yes, we could do all those things by playing the band music over and over again, but wouldn’t be more fun to work on solo pieces, duets, and trios?

Here are Holly and Ms. Kauffeld playing a duet from the Standard of Excellence book called “Brother Martin.” It’s a Latin American folk song, but it sounds a lot like the German folk song, “Oh How Lovely is the Evening.”


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