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Videos! Middle School Chorus Reflections, Trombones in Snow, and Flute Instructional

Here are some great videos for you to enjoy. Happy Holidays!

Middle School Chorus reflects on the winter concert. I was amazed by their critique!

Trombones in Snow! It started snowing during Sawyer’s lesson. So we went outside and made stuff up.

We are SO excited to welcome Kane to our 4th grade flute group! Nora made him this video to help out during vacation! Lots of useful stuff, great job Nora!

Don’t forget to watch the video of the Winter Concert in the previous blog post. AND stay tuned for videos and pictures from the 3/4 grade auditions and our first rehearsal! YAY!

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The 2014 Folsom Winter Concert!

Here ‘Tis!
Photos to follow!

(If you have any photos and would like to share them on the blog please email them to me at

The concert was a great success, all students put in a tremendous effort, and their hard work certainly paid off.

3/4 Grade Instrument Lessons Middle School Band

Jayson and Paradiddles, and Decking the Hall!

Jayson learned paradiddles in his lesson today. They are one Rudiment for drums. A Paradiddle consists of a single stroke, single stroke, then a double stroke. Check it out!

During one Open Music Room time these folks made a video of Deck the Hall. Sing along!

First Steps in Music Kindergarten

Every Night an Echo song for Kindergarten

Sing after me!

Ms. Kauffeld lost her voice, and is hoping she gets it back for her Bella Voce concert tomorrow night. In the meantime, bear with her in this video!