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Important Info for Middle School re: Music Festivals

Hi Folsom Musician Families!

Happy New Year and welcome back from vacation! It’s been exciting to hear about the musical experiences your kiddos had over break, whether they went to see “Into the Woods,” received solo books for Christmas, or just spent great amounts of time playing their instruments and singing!

I want to let you know about two important and exciting events that are fast approaching. Both of these experience allow our students to perform at a high level that comes with playing and singing in a bigger group of musicians. Attending these festivals better prepares our students for a typical high school music ensemble experience. (I am still friends with musicians I met at music festivals in middle school!)

The Island County Music Festival will take place on March 4th and 5th  at Grand Isle School. This is a chance for musicians from all island schools to come together to form one band and one chorus under two excellent directors from other VT schools! Students are able to participate in BOTH band and chorus. March 4th, a Wednesday, will be the band rehearsal day, and Thursday will be the chorus rehearsal day. Thursday’s rehearsal is followed by a band dress rehearsal and a joint concert that evening at 5:30 pm at Grand Isle, families should plan to attend as 1. There is no return transportation for that evening and 2. The work they put in and the music they create is remarkable!

While I’m not requiring that our Middle School Chorus and Band members attend this festival it is highly encouraged and it would be a shame if a student missed this great opportunity. Last year we had 100% participation, let’s keep up the tradition!

The District Music Festival will take place on March 27th and 28th at Missisquoi Valley High School. Students, sadly, must choose between participating in the 6th-7th grade band or the 5th-8th grade chorus. This festival is for students who are looking for an extra challenge and a chance to perform with the top musicians from all the middle schools in our Music District. It is two days of hard work, but the end result is stunning.  I believe the concert will be at 2pm on Saturday the 28th at MVU, I will confirm on a permission form that will come home soon. I will be collecting names of students who are interested in participating in the District Festival this Thursday and Friday, if possible, please look at your family calendars to see if these dates are doable for your family at this point.

**We travel as a group to both festivals, and home after the first day of rehearsal, but with both festivals students need to have transportation home AFTER the concert.

As always, call, text, or write with any questions! (802) 380-9291

Thank you so much, I am thrilled to have the chance to bring our musicians into the bigger music world!

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Kindergarten through 8th grade general music, band, and chorus students!

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